cherry almond torte.

Memorial Day is a month away, and I am starting to think about pies and tarts. I first made this (recipe is from a couple of years ago, and not only has it become a summer dessert staple, but it has inspired a blueberry version that is far less time-consuming. For July 4th or Memorial Day, consider using star shaped cookie cutters.


Couple of notes:

Totally forgot to add the egg to the crust. Was fine, except I am thinking the egg would have made the dough a teensy bit easier to handle?
Couldn’t easily find the sour cherries, so I went with sweet, and just cut back on the sugar. Also, seemed totally fine.

Step by step (with pictures):

Mixing butter and sugar for the crust, then added the lemon peel/zest.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_4e_57_4e579c3f7b5f48b2cf43ca450f43f455            spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_52_7f_527f9612f724da416e9f8ebd5bd3457f

The dough discs, ready to ‘chill.’spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_b5_e0_b5e08095d0208087f9618984838e75ed

Rinse the sweet cherries. The cherry pitter works like a charm.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_d4_d3_d4d37e73c2bd3a8f40fb1d54fd7de2e7spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_95_28_95286fdedf40a6d31b6e8edc3e9b5f11

Close up of the pitted cherries:spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_6f_67_6f67ca8061226ccd66037a16e42db516

Melt the butter, then mix in the sugar.



Add the cherries to the butter sugar mixture—Sry for the blurry pic. Mix until combined.




Cornstarch for the roux.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_ed_df_eddf08c72519746101a0880e50ca104c

The roux—cornstarch, lemon juice & cherry juice.cherry almond torte

The pouring of the roux…spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_77_40_7740cb687102c4d5adf564ad8c1d0dc8

Chilled dough; ready to roll…Then press the rolled out dough into tart pan—ready for the oven.. This pan was handed down to me from my Grandma. 🙂

spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_d6_93_d693e2968d554d731160b88586c1eba2            spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_8a_df_8adf94e6af71d378c77fde79df3ab7b9

Pre-bake the crust at 350F for 15 min…


Spread the chilled cherry filling in the pre-cooked tart shell & smooth out.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_c5_13_c513997912e999e824fa3e6e8428aa11spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_61_e1_61e13a2b6bdfaeb04e050b6e2deb26fd

Roll out the 2nd chilled dough disc and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_e2_fe_e2fedb9b8e3a256ca69ff9fe4df149b5            spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_c6_68_c66888eb69c46da702aa94957015d64b

Arrange cut-out shapes over top of cherry filling:spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_f9_28_f928da758e4898d368fa14f2e7d0d46e

Dust sugar over the shapes. You can get creative with different sorts of sugars, if you like (I recently discovered Swedish Pearl Sugar, which is fun), and then it’s ready for the oven.

spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_42_6a_426a197272a762114d14919d4b24fb9e        spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_3b_89_3b89ea2d8315df67ad074cf6b7447f7f

Put a little cinnamon sugar on the extra pieces of dough. Once baked, they were a perfect tea biscuit… A bit like shortbread. Yummy.


A little Smirnoff citron, sparkling water and pomegranate seeds while waiting for the torte to bake.


Cooling…right out of the oven. spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_9c_fe_9cfe2cd636b83b01ed8998c8e4238e33

Ready to eat!


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