trader joe’s chocolate croissants.

Initially skeptical, but TJ’s rendition of pain au chocolat is seriously amazing. What is better than a chocolate croissant from the bakery? Well, one right from your very own oven.
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Flakey, buttery, chocolatey goodness. Plus, kids love them and they are pretty painless to bake. Only thing to remember is that you have to proof them starting the night before. No shortcuts.

Why would you need instructions? You have no idea how many people are completely perplexed by the concept, so I figured I might as well document the process.

Buy them in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s. There are a bunch of other varieties, they all work on the same basic principle.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
A few minutes into the oven…

Mmmmmm… These little beauties are ready to eat!                                               *Note that the one on the right is smaller because Sophie prodded it with her fingers before we baked them. These are sensitive little creatures!spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_b4_ae_b4ae52e6a24109f939920bf4a6c0e043


3 thoughts on “trader joe’s chocolate croissants.

  1. I pretty much gave up eating pain au chocolat in the States because I could never find any that were even close to what Will and I had in France- I know, ooh, la la la, so fancy:) That was until I discovered Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants! It’s a good product but I think the fresh-out-of-the-oven factor is what makes them so close to their Parisian counterpart. The crust is crisp and flakey, the inside is layered and buttery. But if you let them sit out too long or put them in a ziploc bag, the texture will turn into the disappointing version you usually find at most bakeries.

    I’m impressed that it only takes 15 minutes in your oven because it’s closer to 25 minutes in ours. I like to brush on an eggwash for that beautiful shine. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that it’s a staple in our home so we actually have a box in the freezer. Seeing your post just inspired me to bake them for tomorrow!

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  2. I’ve tried those chocolate croissants and will get them again. I use parchment paper and store,them overnight inside the (not ON yet) toaster oven.

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