betty crocker recipe card library. revisited.

Oh, how I love perusing vintage 50’s-70’s cookbooks. I pick them up involuntarily at yard sales and thrift shops. They are irresistible, beautiful, ridiculous, and for me, they also hold a bit of nostalgia.

In this feature from the 11/1/15 New York Times Magazine, “In Search of Lost Foods,” artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari capture the essence of Betty Crocker’s classic recipe cards, conveying an overt sense of absurdity in their imagery.


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cherry almond torte.

Memorial Day is a month away, and I am starting to think about pies and tarts. I first made this (recipe is from a couple of years ago, and not only has it become a summer dessert staple, but it has inspired a blueberry version that is far less time-consuming. For July 4th or Memorial Day, consider using star shaped cookie cutters.


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