olive oil rosemary garlic sourdough.


actually my second attempt, the first was delicious, but I wanted to pump up the taste.


Added the chopped fresh rosemary and (4) cubes of the TJ’s frozen garlic to the olive oil. Let sit a bit. Next time, overnight.

Will add olives to one loaf.
IMG_1665            IMG_1670

Let the dough rest overnight in the fridge. Nothing better than waking up and throwing bread into the oven straightaway. House smells magnificent all day.

Rosemary on the left, and to the one on the right, I also added olives.

IMG_1689The olive version was delicious. So was the one without, except, the texture was so dense from the copious amounts of olive oil I added. It was almost pulling apart rather then overall airiness. Not bad, but too rich for me.


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