summer blueberry torte.

My brother asked me to bake a blueberry pie for his birthday dinner…I took a few liberties, inspired by the successful Cherry Almond Torte.


Used the crust recipe from food52:

Started with fresh farmers’ market blueberries. Super pricey, I usually find a better deal at Trader Joe’s.


Pulled out the tart pan, inherited from my mom.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_92_ae_92ae9a598353e80327386d9ec70f676d

First, made the crust… Sugar and butter, cut together. I decided to go low-tech and avoid the cuisinart. The crust uses both Regular and Almond flour—$16.99 per pound at the local Co-op.  Again, if you can find it at TJ’s, it is much more reasonable.


spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_52_7f_527f9612f724da416e9f8ebd5bd3457f    spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_ba_c7_bac7476a4e88d3702336aedff9cc27f6

Lightly tossed the rinsed blueberries with tapioca, sugar, sea salt and lemon juice, then spooned them into the pre-baked tart shell. Be gentle with these babies!

spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_ff_a0_pumpkin-50b030846ffa0   spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_be_ce_bece33627e8589af57d5f9afae077a0f

Rolled out the remaining dough and cut shapes to decorate the top. Arranged the shapes…You can use any cookie cutter shape(s) you like.

Generously sprinkled sugar on the dough cut-outs.

spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_14_c8_14c84096780c9e76e395cb179d35c2c9  spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_59_58_59585774b6af1d79e2b4a507dd91c2c9

Into the oven. Line bottom rack with foil. This baby is gonna drip.
Done. So delicious and a crowd pleaser. Definitely making this again!
spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_bd_64_bd6423d5f0fdc2a061d744bdd96128b8     spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_33_b9_33b9344003f3edf6e456031d91ae9995

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