Some collage ideas I am experimenting with. I first started taking pictures of debris on the divider of the 101 S/E heading to work everyday. The commute, with all the traffic, was killing my soul a little bit more each day. I started to distract myself with the discards on the median, and decided to start documenting.


Sometimes I would see something extraordinary, but was going by too fast. It got so I would HOPE to be at a crawl in certain spots to capture a specific spot. I started bring along my “good” camera. I was pretty confident that the object in question would still be there the next day or week, since not once during my time commuting to this specific job did I see a clean up crew.



I saw the lost, windswept (by the movement of traffic) objects embody life/movement, as if nature were playing a hand. There is an organic grace, defying the banal origin of the object — freeing it, bringing it to life. I started seeing figures in the movement and started mapping the intimacy of the human figure to the photographic image.


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