mini birthday cake with fondant.

Made a mini cake for my friend’s birthday. We were eating at a sushi place, and figured a small cake would be enough for everyone at the table of eight to sample, but not be overwhelming.


Decided on a chocolate cake with chocolate icing from the cookbook “Desserts for Two.” My daughter INSISTED on decorating with fondant, something I was really hesitant to attempt. It pretty much turned a simple quick cake into a very laborious, emotional journey. I have been baking the mini cakes in small round panettone paper pans. Makes it super easy to get out, just peel off the sides.

After they baked & cooled, I frosted the cake into two layers. The cake was moist and delicious, but chocolate cake usually is, very crumbly. Plus the frosting was a little cold. Next time, a warmer crumb coat, refrigerate and then a second coat.

The fondant was made from marshmallow, microwaved, and confectioners sugar, mixed to the right consistency in the KitchenAid. Then kneaded in more confectioners sugar and rolled out. Once we draped it over the cake, we realized it wasn’t hiding the imperfections from the crumbly frosting job. It was time for some major band-aide action.

I rolled out a strip between parchment papers and used a brush to paint (streak) on some green. wrapped that around. my daughter and I rolled some roses and pinched some leaves out of the colored fondant.

Was looking ok, but not until I brought out my box of decorations was it truly finished. I scrounged up some green (mixed up) candles, and voila! The icing on the cake (hehe) was that some of the candles glowed a greenish blue when lit. Overall, the kitsch factor was really sweet, and the size was perfect.

The fondant tasted better than usual, I think since it was homemade. the cake was delicious. I figure, better to make a small delicious cake than a bigger less special one. Way easier to decorate a small one!




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