jackie shatz. rings & pendants.


I met Jackie Shatz in the early 90’s, and have always appreciated her sensibility when it came to jewelry. Not something I had ever given much thought to, but I was inspired by her choices and aesthetic. Now, I am a huge fan of her own creations, each piece a tiny, exquisite work of art.

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“Each piece is unique and gets all the careful deliberation of a large sculpture or painting. Some rings are set with natural garnets and tiny gems like zircons and peridots. Others are carved with ancient symbols, like the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus. Still others are include casts of old jewelry pieces or materials like a shard of art glass from a broken ring. Shatz also discovered that with PMC she could go back and reapply the clay to fired pieces, enabling her to add new textures and elements.” – 

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“I always loved jewelry and used to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to study ancient jewelry pieces, which I think of as miniature sculpture,” – Jackie Shatz

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Shatz is selling her growing collection of art jewelry at Maria Louisa in Nyack, NY, at the Tailored Mermaid in Beacon, NY, and at One Well in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


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