jackie shatz. wall sculpture.

My good friend, Jackie Shatz, makes the most sensitive, lovely ceramic wall sculptures. You can find more work on her website. Here are a few of her most recent:

10923820_10203482743978218_718542409043417559_o 10903904_10203482745418254_2400398910723380487_o 10903787_10203491560918636_7023271557681842670_o 10900061_10203491564918736_3896241460327215660_o 10887456_10203491565758757_2555436845758851143_o 10841946_10203482747258300_3925290349951516772_o 10708660_10202881894037345_5330567726528034177_oA little bit more about Jackie, in her words:

I am drawn to figures as they relate to each other, to the observer and to the flat wall. There is a range of expression possible – encompassing intimacy, competition, passivity, the seduction of beauty and the dynamic spatial and psychological arrangement of the figures, as well as a tension between stillness and activity. The scale lets one look into an intimate space – a visual voyeur. Recently I changed from working primarily abstractly to working figuratively. I wanted more spatial and dynamic clarity, and a wider, darker range of association. I consider these sculptures to be a blending of painting and sculpture that have a resonance with the scale and narrative of medieval and archaic sculpture. Shatz’s work has been included in exhibitions at the June Kelly, Monique Knowlton, and Kouros galleries in New York City, and she has curated and organized many exhibitions, including CollageLogic which was last presented in 2012 at Hampden Gallery at UMass in Amherst. She is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Fellowship, a Craft Alliance New Techniques grant and several NYFA SOS grants. She has been artist-in-residence at the Kohler Arts/Industry program, where she created a series of music box sculptures and has collaborated on sound and sculptural installations for Glyndor Gallery at Wave Hill and on Governors Island. Resume and press materials are available on request jjshatz@yahoo.com.

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