hazelnut sourdough. dried fruit with orange peel. orange butter.

I still have the homemade candied orange peel from the Christmas Pannetone, so I figured I would make a dried fruit breakfast bread with some of that lovely, gooey sweetness. For the other bread, I pan-toasted some hazelnuts before kneading them into the dough. IMG_2376

The hazelnut bread is nutty, earthy and delicious. I tried it warm with some tuna salad and it was delicious.

2015-04-01-11.02.50            2015-04-01-11.03.22

With the fruit bread, I paired a yummy orange butter, made with the same candied orange peel, forced through a sieve and mixed into butter. Next time, homemade butter. IMG_2378

With a cup of coffee, this was the perfect comfort breakfast. Now I just need the New York Times. IMG_2390


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