homemade rhubarb liqueur.

I had never tried rhubarb liqueur, but since I love fruity liqueurs, and despite the fact that I tend to steer away from anything super sweet, the thought of a liqueur that is a little more tangy and tart, appealed to me…


  • 1 1/2 pounds rhubarb, coarsely chopped
  • 3 cups vodka (I will use Everclear)
  • The peel from one lemon
  • Optional: Use a flavored vodka, or add a flavored liqueur
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup water


Bring sugar and water to a boil in a small saucepan, stirring just until sugar dissolves; remove from heat. Cool. Place coarsely chopped rhubarb in a wide-mouth jar. Add vodka, Grand Marnier, and cooled sugar syrup; stir. Screw lid on tightly; let stand at room temperature for 2 to 3 weeks or until all the color leaches out of rhubarb. Strain mixture through a sieve over a bowl; discard solids.


Step by step (with pictures):

Everclear Grain Alcohol 151 Proof 750ML. Yep, not messing around here.Strong Spirits Ban

3 lbs of rhubarb, straight from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. Won’t need all of it for the liqueur, so looks like I will be baking a pie this weekend…spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_fc_86_3-lbs-rhubarb-straight-from-santa-monica-farmers-market-3-lb-won-need-all-liqueur-5050f58e3fc86

I decided to just toss in the zest of one lemon to give it an edge. Try to only use the yellow part and not the “pith” or the white part.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_34_2d_how-make-rhubarb-liqueur-505667842342d

Rhubarb out of the fridge. Wash it and cut off the grungy ends, and chop into smaller pieces.

spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_34_41_pic-50566dd163441          spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_e2_43_pic-50566dd15e243

Added the chopped rhubarb to the lemon zest.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_b9_19_pic-50566dd16b919

Pour in the everclear… I topped it off with some vodka I had lying around. My sense is that one needs not be too specific about measurements.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_f7_98_pic-50566dd16f798

 Ready to hide in a cool, dark place for a month or so…TBC…spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_22_8a_pic-50566dd17228a

About 2 months in the fridge—the color has all been pulled from the rhubarb into the alcohol. The vodka is  pink & and the rhubarb less so.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_91_4e_rhubarb-50a7e87e3914e

Strain the juice into the clean jar.

Strained rhubarb infused vodka/everclear. Lovely color.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_5a_a6_rhubarb-50a7edbb15aa6

Next step—the simple syrup. 2 cups sugar to 1 cup water.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_d3_c7_rhubarb-50a7e87e3d3c7

You will want the sugar granules to completely disappear.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_30_f4_rhubarb-50a7e835130f4

 Simmer until the mixture is clear and has just barely started to boil. Move off burner, and let cool to room temperature.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_8a_cf_rhubarb-50a7e83518acf

Might be a good time to tackle the dishes.spark-post-image_ehowcdn~images01_spark_d2_e3_might-good-time-tackle-dishes-50a7eabc1d2e3


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