liqueur. of the skittles varietal.

My boyfriend loves skittles. I was searching for the perfect Christmas gift. This was a no-brainer. Clearly.

First, I sorted out the skittles, 70 to a bowl:

Next, prepped my work station:

Poured the skittles into empty water bottles:


Poured about 6 oz of Everclear into each bottle:

Give them a good shake, and they will look like this:

Shake them on and off for the next 18 hours. (you can leave them overnight).

Then, using  a strainer over a coffee filter, strain the mixture into new container (can be the final bottle). The strainer takes out the ‘gunk’ that clogs the filter. This way, only needs to be filtered once.


Top each bottle off with about 1/3 cup simple syrup (make about 2 cups total). Simple syrup is just equal parts sugar to water, gently boiled until clear. Cool before adding.

Ready for the freezer. Seems to last years, but usually it is gone sooner than that. I wouldn’t mind trying with some of the other skittle flavors (tropical has a cool aqua color), or mixing colors.









2 thoughts on “liqueur. of the skittles varietal.

    1. Stored in the freezer, the colors held a couple if months. I hear that the purple can fade to a pale pink, but I did not experience that. They were consumed rather rapidly. 🙂


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