new & improved charcoal sourdough.

My second attempt, and this time I added the salt. Huge improvement over my first try. Also, I add a few tablespoons of infused olive oil now to every basic sourdough, and I like the results. My only issue this time was that the egg wash turns the crust a bit brown. Next time, no egg wash.

I had a little helper knead with me.

The color is a really intense gray. I added about 7 capsules of edible charcoal to a tablespoon of hot water, and stirred until the outer capsule melted away. Then just added to the initial dough. After the second rest period, I add the salt.

As soon as I brushed on the egg wash, I noticed the yellow pooling on the edges…Had a feeling it would brown in the oven.

I was right. In fact, it added a brown hue to the entire loaf. Looks more like a pumpernickel. Was going for a colder gray.

Regardless, it tasted great, and was a perfect contribution to a potluck breakfast with friends. P.S. my 8-year-old still thinks the color looks unappetizing… She prefers something more like this simple sourdough.


3 thoughts on “new & improved charcoal sourdough.

  1. Is the charcoal added to absorb toxins or for flavor or just for coloring? I’ve not come across this sourdough. Just read in today’s NYTimes that Blue Bottle (Oakland) is merging with Tartine in SF and expanding to Tokyo and LA! Tartine, the bakery in the Mission, mills their own flour, I understand.

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    1. The charcoal is just for coloring, but I wonder about the absorption of the toxins…would be interesting to know. I definitely want to experiment with flours. There is a place in Pasadena I want to check out. Here is a link to their site:


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