1st bread order.

Experimenting with marketing and selling the bread. Gotta pay for supplies…

The starters (whole wheat, rye & white sourdoughs):

IMG_1594            IMG_1606

This batch includes:

  • Rye
  • Sourdough
  • Whole wheat (with raisins, nuts & cinnamon)

Selling them for $5 a loaf. For fun.

The dough ready for it’s final rest:IMG_1588

Shaping the loaves:IMG_1593

The sourdough came out great, as did the raisin whole wheat. The rye was slightly overdone, and I tried oil on top rather than egg wash (ran out of eggs and was too lazy to run to the store). Tastes great, but look less lovely than my previous batch.

I have been baking on a lower rack (not the lowest) at a fairly high temp. I was a little less attentive as I should have been. The bottoms are too brown. Lesson learned.



3 thoughts on “1st bread order.

      1. Check out the health and safety requirements for your area too for selling edibles. Here they do a kitchen inspection I believe.


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